Quad stopper knot

This is a stopper knot that is somewhat bulkier than Ashley’s Stopper Knot and is derived from it.  Where Ashley’s shows a trefoil pattern when looking down the standing end, this knot has a four-fold pattern around the  standing end.


Topologically the knot is a double overhand noose with a tuck back.


It is easiest to tie without the tuck at first.  Tighten up the double overhand knot around the standing end by eliminating the A segment.  This will bring the B and C legs together with the standing end inside the loop.  Snug this up enough that the standing end is no longer free to slide and none of the sub-loops are loose.  The tighter this is made, the more secure the finished stopper.


Then, continuing in the same wrap direction around the B segment, tuck the working end through the loop as shown.  Pull the standing end and the working end tight to create the four-fold pattern.  In addition to being bulkier, if this knot comes loose there is a remaining overhand knot as a backup stopper.  This last feature precludes it from being slipped, unlike Ashley’s Stopper Knot

If this knot already exists, please let me know so I can give proper credit.